Free Online College Courses from Saylor Academy

If you are looking to enhance your skills or simply want to learn or take new college courses but do not have the time or resources to go to an actual college, then you are in for a treat. Because there is the option of free college with the help of some non-profit organizations like Saylor Academy.

Since 1999, Saylor Academy provided free online college courses to hundreds of thousands around the globe. This brilliant organization allows you to complete each course at your own pace and your own schedule completely free of charge. Although Saylor does not grant degrees, the organization hands out completion certificates to its students. The best part is that Saylor also has a program called Saylor Direct College Credit that allows students to enjoy zero-tuition transfer credits in colleges and universities that have partnered with ACE or NCCRS. This allows students to save not only time but money as well.

Saylor Academy features a catalog of over 300 online courses that you can take at your convenience. One of the courses they offer is Art History that teaches students the history of art and its principles. Encouraging each learner to use critical thinking and analysis techniques to approach art in many contexts.

Another interesting course that you can take is Biology. In Biology, students can tackle the 57-hour module called Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology. Other courses they offer include Business Administration for those who want to venture into small business management; and Computer Science for those who want to pursue a career in the field of Information technology.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the hundreds of free online college courses today available at Sayers Academy and pursue your career. Choose your own path today by visiting their website at Saylor.Org.